In 1912, the Church of God had only been in existence for twenty-six years and had only one organized church in the state of Georgia. The original handwritten minutes of the charter meeting on July 28th, 1912 stated, “After a series of revivals a branch of the Church of God was set in order by A.J. Tomlinson, the General Overseer assisted by Geo. T. Brouger, State Overseer. ” The forty-seven individuals that became the Toonigh Church of God could not have imagined how God would use them and the church to spread the gospel both locally and throughout the world.

The first church meetings were held in a partially burned two-room log house known as the  ‘Wiley house’. The young congregation continued to grow in the Lord and in numbers and prayed for a permanent place to worship. At that time, the city of Woodstock, Georgia was accepting bids for demolishing their old train deport. One of the men of the church, William Cox, felt impressed by the Lord to place a bid on it and to use the timber to erect the needed church building. A loan was secured and land was purchased on Rope Mill Road. The depot was carefully torn down and the lumber moved to the church site. Brother Cox later sold the land to the church “for the sum of ten dollars and natural love and affection.” That church building would serve the needs of the church for the next thirty years.

toonigh 1 church pictureBy the 1940s, the congregation had grown and was in need of a larger, more modern facility. In 1946, land on Hwy 5 was sold to the church for one dollar by Brother and Sister Voyles. This would be the site of the current church and was dedicated on July 20th, 1947.


We have a tremendous heritage at the Toonigh Church of God and we know that the Lord is enabling us to be a blessing to those in our community and around the world. It is our prayer and commitment to “Honor Our Past and Embrace Our Future”. church